We believe the greatest adventure is growing in relationships that glorify God!

The word adventure is somewhat of an all encompassing term for us. Think of it like a great stew. The stew tastes the most delectable with all the ingredients but is still good when only a few essentials are present. 

Some of the ingredients we like in our adventures are oportunities to love and serve, sharing the good news of Jesus, teaming up with people, memorable places (especially in nature), challenges to overcome, new horizons to see, and more! Not every adventure contains such a smorgasbord though. 

At it’s bare essentials our adventures are about going, growing, and doing it together for God’s glory.

We would love to hear about your own adventures too! It doesn’t take weeks of planning and coordination to have an adventure. A fun date night or hopping on your bike to explore a new part of town is an adventure in itself.